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Nature Notebook

Now is the perfect time to learn the names of the wildflowers and trees around you. Why not keep a notebook filled with drawings, rubbings, dried flowers/leaves and observations of what you see.

Here are two plants to look out for when you are out walking this weekend.

Can you name them?

Yes it's a primrose . It's often found growing along damp ditches or near shady hedges.

The next one is a tree. It has white flowers in May and red berries called 'haws' in the autumn.

Yes, it's a hawthorn, sometimes called a whitethorn or a May bush. Lots of people think of this as a fairy tree and if it's growing in the middle of a field on it's own farmers will not cut it down. They are afraid that the fairies will punish them!

Enjoy looking at the plants around you even if you don't want to make the notebook. Let's see how many plants you can name by the end of the summer!

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