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Make a Fairy Door

Hi everyone, I'm going to show you how to make a fairy door from any old stone that you have in your garden. All you need is a medium size stone and some paint. The stone can be any shape but needs to be big enough to draw a door on it.

When you find a suitable stone, draw a door on it in pencil. Keep it fairly simple because you have to paint it next.

I painted the red door first and when it was dry I painted the grey stones round the door followed by the flowerpot. Let it all dry and then go round the stones with a permanent marker. Use the marker to draw the detail on the door. Finally use the paintbrush to dab on some leaves and then some flowers.

Use any colours and shapes that you want to. I just left the walls around the doors the colour that the stones were already. When your stone is dry place it somewhere in your garden and watch out for the fairies!

If you have a larger stone you can even paint on windows and maybe a roof. If your paint is not waterproof you will have to varnish your fairy door to protect it. If you think that this is too much bother just tuck it in under a ledge or somewhere else in your garden that it will stay fairly dry. I hope that you enjoy this activity. Have fun!

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