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On-going Activities

We love recycling!
Here is our Clothes Bank & Many More Green Initiatives

We have a very active Green Schools committee with children, teachers and parents involved. The children range from 3rd class to 6th class. These children have been on the committee since the start of the Biodiversity programme as they expressed particular interest in this area.


To date we have achieved 4 green flags for Litter and Waste, Energy, Water, Travel. We are in our second year of working towards achieving our 5th green flag for Biodiversity. This has involved children learning about .biodiversity in our school grounds and worldwide and how we can increase and protect biodiversity. As part of the programme we had a competition to compose a green code for the school and it is as follows : KEEP PLANTS AND ANIMALS ALIVE, TO HELP US SURVIVE.

We have undertaken many projects as part of our work on biodiversity such as making birdfeeders for the school garden, conducting a bird survey, creating a bug hotel, going on field trips to Oldbridge forest and to the River Boyne and many lessons in class learning about various plants and animals. We hope to have achieved our 5th green flag this year.

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