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A Rare Treasure Found in Mell

Hi everyone. I hope that you are enjoying your summer holidays. I'm sure some of you are continuing to observe the plants and insects all around you in nature, just as I am. While in school last week I was very excited to discover a rare wildflower in the long grass. It was a bee orchid.

You might have seen one on the RTE news last night! These orchids can be found throughout Ireland but are quite rare.

The flowers are pale pink and have some brown markings like a bumble bee. This is where the unusual flower gets its name.If you find one bee orchid you will usually find some more close by. I spotted two. The bee orchids were found in a patch of grass left to grow long for biodiversity. Why don't you encourage your parents to let a patch of grass grow long in your garden and see what flowers and grasses that you can find.

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