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Jungle Gardens

Hi everyone. I hope you're enjoying the sunny weather. Here is another garden idea for you. All you need to make your jungle garden is a lid, some kitchen paper, a packet of cress/mustard seed and some of your small toys.

Here is a crocodile creeping through the jungle!

Trace around your lid on the kitchen paper and cut out two pieces of it. Put the pieces of kitchen paper into the bottom of the lid and dampen it. Sprinkle the seeds over it and watch your jungle grow. Make sure to keep the kitchen paper damp at all times but not soaking wet or they will rot. You may need to wet it a few times each day in this weather.

Choose whatever little toys you have and let them walk through the jungle. You can use farm animals, dinosaurs or cartoon characters.

SpongeBob and his friends out exploring.

A cow and calf out grazing.

Remember to keep the paper wet at all times and it is probably better to use a plastic lid so that it doesn't rust. Have fun!

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