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Easter activities for 2nd class

Hi everyone,

Hard to believe it’s time for our Easter holidays. Here are some activities that we will be trying over the break and you might like to try too:

Art and Crafts

· Enter our school Easter Art competition, design your own Easter egg 2D or 3D and send your entries through to

· Mail a hug

· Make an Easter card

· Get creative with paper plates

· Make salt dough family handprints: 500g of plain flour, 250g salt, 250ml of water roll out to 1.5cm thick, sprinkle with flour to prevent sticking and make your families handprints. Bake on the lowest heat possible for 3-4 hours then paint your handprints

· Watch Don Conroy, Irish Artist on for brilliant drawing tutorials.

Fun and Games

· Create your own racing track with masking tape, you can even add tunnels using cardboard

· Play some of the games we learned about in our Explorers book from other countries including Chapas from Spain. Decorate your bottle top, draw your race track in chalk and flick your chapas towards the finish line. Start with a straight forward race track then make it more difficult with twists and turns

· Check out Nigerian Clapping games by ibifunke on

· Try the 30 day Lego challenge

· Make somebody Easter breakfast in bed

· Enjoy experimenting with some of the recipes in our Wild Explorers: Lainey’s Box of Delights like Jude and Jake

· Act out your own news report which could be recorded and sent to grandparents, aunties, uncles and friends to tell them about your day in the style of the RTE news.

· Stay active in the garden, we’ve been having piggy back races – Noah is not as light as he looks!!! And in the house with, Cosmic Kids on and Joe Wicks on

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