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The Boy in The Striped Pyjamas-Ultimate Guide to 6th Class

Ms.Kieran's 6th Class- an insight into our classroom!

Our blog will be split into four parts, Tips for 6th Class, Visualisation Notebooks, Art Work and Our Book Reviews on The Boy in The Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne. We hope you enjoy reading our excellent Blog!

Warning* Do NOT watch the movie prior to reading the book, as the book is far more detailed.

Tips for 6th Class reading The Boy in The Striped Pyjamas:

Here are some tips whilst reading the Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.

  • Read chapters in reading groups of 4-5 people per group.

  • Read nice and loud so everyone can hear you clearly.

  • Try your best to pronounce words you may not know, your group will help with pronunciation.

  • Read expressively.

  • Visualise what you are reading, note this in your visualisation notebooks!

  • Full stops and Commas mean pause for 1/2 seconds.


Our Visualisation Notebook's

These are mini notebooks where we draw pictures and symbols to give an insight into each chapter. On the front of our notebooks, we illustrated what our book cover looked like, and on the back we write words that stood out in the text. Visualisation notebooks are a fun way to keep important information in our brains, rather than writing long book summaries. It is very enjoyable drawing pictures for the chapters, learning new words from the book and embracing symbolism as a tool for learning.

Integration with other curriculum subjects: Visual arts:

Equipment needed :

  1. A3 White paper

  2. Black oil pastel

  3. Pencil

  4. Rubber

  5. Tissue paper (optional) for shading


  1. Teacher modeled drawing the silhouette in proportion to the sheet.

  2. Model shading on board also.

  3. Lightly sketch the shape of the person on your sheet. Prioritize the facial features in pencil and later shade these with an oil pastel.

  4. Messiness is Key! The messier the better.

  5. Add features to the body on your sketch for example a collar, stripes on the pyjamas, a prison number.

  6. Shade Shade SHADE!

Tips for Writing a Book Review..

  1. Include book title and author at the very beginning.

  2. Share your opinion ALWAYS, especially your favourite character or a passage you really enjoyed reading.

  3. Try to include a picture or a drawing of the cover if possible.

  4. Plan your book review before typing.

  5. Include any plot twists.

  6. Correct punctuation and grammar is key.

  7. Use paragraphs correctly.

  8. Make sure it is in chronological order.

Remember , if you are giving a food review, you will describe every feature and taste of the meal. A book review is no different. Description is vital and so is your opinion!

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