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Dinosaur and Fairy Gardens

Hi everyone. I hope you're all well. Here's another fun idea for your small toys. You can use lots of things from around your house to make these gardens or similar ones. First you need a container. It can be an old tray, a biscuit tin, a shallow flowerpot or any suitable container that you have. You will also need some soil, compost, small stones or sand.

Put some compost/soil/sand in your container. Use a smaller container with blue paper as a lake. (I used a Philadelphia cheese container). Place some stones, sticks and small plants and twigs around your garden. I made the tunnel from an empty cardboard tube. When you are happy with how it looks place your dinosaurs where you want them. You can make your garden more elaborate by making bridges or shelters for your dinosaurs.

Fairy Garden

Make your fairy garden in the same way except that you can use a few shells if you have them and anything else that you might see on the beach.

You can make whatever type of garden that you like depending on what toys that you have. Enjoy!

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