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Just a note about the work

Just to let everyone know to access the list of work you have to go to the downloads section and click on Ms Moonan and Ms McCooey. There will be a list of what to do this week and new lists will be posted after Easter 🙂

Anyone who collects their books will notice there are a number of different worksheets but don't worry they are not all for next week! We will start on the group of sheets that begin with the their and there exercise.

I plan to post answers to Maths work every so often and should have the last couple of Work it Out answers posted soon.

Don't forget if you have any questions you can email us. If anyone wants to take a picture of any work that you do and send it we would be delighted to see it! I know some of you really enjoy artwork so a picture of an Easter themed artwork might be your first piece to send 🙂

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