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Funny Flower Pots

Hi everyone. I hope you had a fun Easter and got to spend time enjoying the nice weather.

Here is an activity you might want to do if we get some more dry days. You can use any plants or seeds that you might have, even grass seed. If you have no compost just use soil.

Use markers, bottle tops, old sunglasses, ribbons or anything else you might have lying around to make the funny faces.

If your pot is empty draw a funny face on it with markers or use some recycled bits and pieces. Let the markers or glue set and then put your plant in. If your plant is in the pot already you will just have to draw the funny face on carefully.

If you have seeds to plant draw your face on the pot first. Then fill with soil or compost and plant your seeds. Don't forget to water it. Watch the hair grow on your flowerpot. If you plant grass seed you can give it a trim as it grows. I'd love to see a picture of any pots that you do. My email address is Have fun!

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