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4th Class Easter Activities🐰🐥🌸🎨

Hi Everyone, I hope everybody is well and staying safe! I’ve put together a list of fun activities that you might like to do over the Easter holidays. Remember to email me pictures of what you’re getting up to if you like😊

  1. Easter Art:

Easter Eggstravagansa- Design your own egg (2D/3D) to be in with the chance of winning! There will be a winner from each class. Send your finished masterpiece to me by the 16th of April.

Exploded Easter Eggs

Easter-themed Mosaics

Easter Crafts

2. Easter Recipes:

Who can beat my Easter Cupcakes?

Here are some other recipe ideas:

3. Science Experiments:

4. Easter Egg Hunt: Why not design your own clues to make it more challenging? Here are some examples:

5. Mindfulness Colouring: We know how beneficial mindful colouring was to us all from our Power Hour. Twinkl has lots of lovely templates.

6. Stay Active:

Have an egg and spoon race with your family.

Create a dance to represent spring/Easter.

Walk around your garden and take pictures of everything that represents spring.

7. Why do we celebrate Easter?:

I know a lot of you are very interested in religion. If we were in school at the moment, we would be doing lots of religion to prepare for Easter. Listen to this video that tells us about the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

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